Virtual Sun VST2002G 2-Ft 2 Lamp Vegetation T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light Kit includes 2 T5 HO Bulbs

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T5 High Output Premium Grow Light
Designed with the Grower in mind
T5 High Output Grow Light
The Virtual Sun T5 Premium Grow Lights were designed with the grower in mind. By using top quality components Virtual Sun is able to offer better quality lights at a better price.
Grown green leafy vegetable with T5 Light
Virtual Sun T5 lights are also able to be placed directly over the plants with no damage to the plants, which normally occurs with the larger lights. T5 Lights are also perfect for jumpstarting seedlings and cuttings. Benefits of using the T5 lights include longer lamp life, more efficient energy use, high lumen output and cheaper bulb replacement.
Virtual Sun T5 Light systems also implement a premium reflector which helps to focus the light evenly and provides a "fuller" light with maximum exposure.T5 lights also offer a more compact footprint due to its smaller frame and more efficient build qualities. They are lighter and easier to hang and have built-in power outlets allowing daisy chaining of lights and power.

Absorption Spectrum

These two kinds of chlorophyll complement each other in absorbing sunlight. Plants can obtain all their energy requirements from the BLUE and RED parts of the spectrum.

In general it is a good practice to give any photosynthesizing living thing a mix of both the blue and red light for growth and bloom stage.

Spectrum Power Distribution

T5 Light Spectrum Power Distribution Chart
This T5 Grow Light is intended for use during the vegetative / growth cycle of plant growing. It boasts 6500K bulbs that are excellent in the Blue Spectrum of lighting and are generally used for 10-14 hours during the growth period.
  • Kelvin Rating

    6500 Kelvin rating for vegetative / growth stage
  • Light Coverage

    Lights are spaced to optimize coverage and light distribution
  • Lower Cost

    T5 Lighting operates at a lower cost than traditional setups
  • Built-In Components

    Built-in Ballast and light hangers eliminate extra components
  • Soft Light

    Softer Light won't damage/burn plants
  • Non Harmful

    No Harmful UV / Infrared light rays
  • Aquarium Light

    Doubles as externally aquarium lighting for Fish Photosynthesis
  • [1]  Virtual Sun T5 2 Ft, 2 Tube Grow Light Kit
  • [2]  Virtual Sun T5 High Output Light Bulbs
  • [1]  Virtual Sun T5 Grow Light Manual
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty on Light Fixture and Ballast
  • 30 Day Satifaction Guaranteed
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Each 2-Ft Bulb produces 24 Watts @ 2000 Lumens
  • UL & CE Certified for safe operation
  • No Harmful UV / Infrared light rays
  • T5 Lighting operates at a lower cost than traditional setups
  • Longer Lamp Life
  • More Efficient Energy Use
  • High Lumen Output
  • Cheaper Bulb Replacement
  • Emits Less Heat
T12 60 Lumens/Watt
T8 75 Lumens/Watt
T5 85 Lumens/Watt
T5 HO 90 Lumens/Watt
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January 20th, 2016


May 14th, 2014

Gro light

Love it, and so do my plants. Truly plug and play. Hopefully the bulbs last longer than my previous light :)
April 22nd, 2014

Very good Grow light

Nice and easy to use, open box - pull out light - hang it - plug it in and turn it on. Very, Very Good.
New York

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    • Item Number: VST2002G
    • Retail Price: $104.99

      Our Price: $64.99